Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My last meeting with Fan before leaving this world meeting his Creator

We lived in two different worlds

I am a Muslim and you were not

But we shared many things in common

We were together in CENPEACE fighting for social justice

You were very popular in ABIM during those years

We were comfortable in calling you “Ustaz Fan”.

You presented a paper on HAMKA in Danau Maninjau

And impressed everybody when you related his struggle

As being fraught with human rights and social justice.

Your last visit at my Anjung Rahmat office was 30 April 2010

Little did I realize that you’d come all the way from Bangkok

Just to say goodbye, leaving this world to face your Creator.

Kudos to Mr Fan for the ideals we together struggled to uphold

Even as I cherished the friendship and ideas we shared

Only to realize that our two different worlds were proverbially one!

May your soul rest in peace.

Ahmad Azam Abdul Rahman

Chairman, Future Global Network

p/s Fan Yew Teng passed away on the 7th of December 2010 after battling cancer at the Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok.

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